Luxor Day Tour

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Located in Upper Egypt Luxor has been described as the world’s biggest open air museum. It is one of the most popular destinations in Egypt, being one of those places that you must see: the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, Deir El-Bahri (the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut), the workers village at Deir El-Medina, the list goes on and on and on. Enjoy the local cuisine, go around with a caleche or relax yourself while sailing the river Nile on a Felucca, walk through the bazar and find souvenirs for your beloved ones at home.

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Luxor stands out from other destinations given its rich historical heritage from thousands and thousands of years ago. Dive into ancient culture, admiring world’s most famous historical sites, temples and tombs – discover the real splendor of Egypt. Ancient city of Thebes offers so much that we do not know where to begin. Lets start with gorgeous Karnak complex – a famous part of monumental capital city of Ancient Egypt. Karnak is known for numerous time-honored temples, such as the Great Temple of Amun Ra, the Temple of Khons and the Festival Temple of Tutmosis III, as well as immemorial chapels and many other significant historical sites and buildings. Karnak was built under command of different great rulers, who all added to the splendor of this beautiful place – it is not a surprise that its infinite grandeur and glory impresses even on the most experienced travellers. Valey of the Kings – is another must see location when visiting Luxor. Hiden in rocky mountains on the West Bank of the river Nile, there lies is a sanctuary of many great rulers of Egypt. Throughout the Valley there are 63 tombs of those who created history of the great Egypt, including the Tutankhamun, the great pharaoh of the New Empire Era, whose name means “the living image of the god Amun”. The tombs preserved clear and vivid paintings, depicting the voyage of the dead together with sun god, that are admired by thousands of tourists every day. Visit a Mortuary of Queen Hatshepsut also known as the Temple of Deir el Bahri – a splendid light-colored structure perfectly blending with the cliffs of the desert mountains, built to commemorate the death of the beloved Queen. It has three levels of terraces and numerous colons that give impression of infinite power and glory. This Queen of Egypt is known for her strength and determination – she is probably the first fighter for equal women rights as she presented herself as a man - with beard and other manly attributes - in order to prove all the world that she has the same power like any man king. Visit Colossi of Memnon, well known gigantic statues depicting Amenophis III seated in a throne, and then head to the Valley of the Queens – sacral place which hosts multiple tombs of the greatest rulers of Egypt. So far there have been discovered around 80 tombs. However, they do not have the same splendor of the king’s tombs – most of the tombs resemble more like cave, than mortuary. The most famous attraction there is the Tomb of the Queen Nefertari. Her name means “beautiful companion” and indeed she was a beautiful companion and the first wife of Ramsses the Great, who was well known for her high education and ability to write, that was extremely rare at the times. Do not forget splendid Edfu Temple, dedicated to the beloved god Horus, and extraordinary „double“ Kom Ombo temple, dedicated to both, falcon god Horus and crocodile head god Sobek. Private guide will make sure that you will not lose any important site or interesting story. We offer a pick up from your hotel – you will not need to worry about anything, but the space in you camera! Breath taking views are 100% guaranteed.