Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip

Fishing trips are in Egypt always a great experience even more if on a private deep-sea fishing trip accompanied by a professional fisherman. Snappers, breams, barracuda fish, jackfish and other still-fishing species constitute most of the fun any fishing lover can hope for!

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  • Private deep-sea boat trip with professional fisherman (max. 4 person)
  • Jigging, popping, trolling and handline fishing method
  • Duration: 6 a.m. - 1 p.m. or upon agreement


Althought Egypt is a paradise for fishing lovers, as every fisherman knows, you will spend your day comprising baiting, luck, patience, nibbling/biting, striking/snatching for setting a hook, more patience, reeling, losing the fish, tangling the line with other anglers, gaffing or netting, landing and having a lot of fun and in best of cases an amazing selfie with the biggest fish you ever catched in your life! With fishing sites in all directions and born fishermen as your guides, the Red Sea is the beginning of the most unforgettable fish story you’ve ever told.