Diving Courses for Children

Excursions for children

Let your little adventurer become a big diver! A little introduction to diving with professional instructor will be an u firgattable experience for the youngest. Amazed dressing like a diver, entertained making bubbles and happy to being diving sooooo deep (max. half meter). This is the most safe and fun way how to let your little beloved one enjoy diving.

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  • PADI certified instructor
  • Diving equipment
  • Duration: 1 hour


Little adventurers want to become big divers and we have a solution for them: professional PADI instructor and an introduction to diving for the youngest. A lot of bubbles and, for the bravest one, a safe little dive to max. 0,5 meters in the swimming pool or from the beach in shallow sea water. The Bubblemaker course is for children from 8 years old.