Abu Dabbab


Abu Dabbab is great for both, snorkeling and diving, so either you are a curious holiday maker or a professional diver – this site is really worth visiting! You will be able to spot various species of fish, giant turtles and if you are lucky as well the dugongs.

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  • Private trip by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Snorkeling guide upon request
  • Duration: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. or upon agreement


Abu Dabbab Beach is most famous for being home to the endangered species of „Sea Cow“, also known as Dugong. At the moment, there are seven of them living in the Red Sea waters. In Abu Dabbab you can find two of them - Dennis and Dougal (yea, we gave them names, how cute is that?). In this location you can also observe gorgeous Sea Turtles, who usually make their nest in the shallow waters of Abu Dabbab, and friendly Guitar Shark - don’t worry they don’t bite! All this in addition to beautiful colorful reefs and plenty of different fish that will hypnotize you for all the time you will spend in water! If you are not a snorkeler or diver, you can simply enjoy your day on the well organised and clean beach of Abu Dabbab.