7 Nights Nile Cruise

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Enjoy the breeze while you cruise between Aswan and Luxor. Take your time to enjoy gorgeous views of the Nile Valley. During the stops of this 7 nights Nile cruise you will have the chance to visit the most impressive ancient Egyptian temples and other historical sites - Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Philae Temple, Karnak, Hapsetshut, Valley of the Queen will be accompanied by a private guide and you will discover the ancient treasures.

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  • Nile cruise with boat accomodation
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  • Duration: 7 nights


West Bank will reward you with gorgeous Edfu Temple, which is dedicated to god Horus, one of the most important ancient Egyptian deities, the Son of Isis and Isiris. You will easily recognize Horus from its famous falcon head – it has become one of the most prominent symbols of Ancient Egyptian culture. Kom Ombo temple is an unusual perfectly symmetrical temple, so called „double“ temple, dedicated to both, falcon god Horus and crocodile head god Sobek. Given the sacral importance of both gods, the temple is divided in two parts, both of which have separate rooms, halls and sanctuaries. Southern part belongs to Sobek – symbol of Pharaonic power, world creator and god of fertility, while Northern part belongs to falcon god Horus. Karnak complex is a part of ancient capital city Thebes. It one of the biggest ancient complexes all around the world, composed of temples, chapels and other historical buildings. No wonder approximately thirty Pharaohs contributed to the development of this sacral area. Today Karnak attracts almost the same amount of visitors like great Giza pyramids – it is the second most visited monument in Egypt. It is often believed that Karnak is a sanctuary of god Amun, because this part is open to public and is the most well known between the visitors. However, Karnak also has precincts dedicated to Mut (wife of Amun - Ra), often depicted as lioness, who was believed to rule the skies, as well as Montu – falcon god of war. Mortuary of Queen Hatshepsut is another must see attraction when visiting Luxor. It will simply make your jaw drop – its impressive size and astonishing ancient architecture will leave you wondering, how did they do it? Last but not the least, Valley of the Queens – sacral place which hosts multiple tombs of the greatest rulers of Egypt, also called „the place of the beauty“. It is located very close to the Valley of the Kings – in life of after life a queen must be next to her king, doesn't she? Private guide will make sure that you will not lose any important site or interesting story. We offer a pick up from your hotel – you will not need to worry about anything, but the space in you camera! Breath taking views are 100% guaranteed.